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Mini Conference: Smarter Together - Blended Learning
November 7, 2015

Session Resources: Coteaching, Deep Learning, Radian Measures


Strength in Numbers: Fall Kick-Off Meeting
September 21, 2015

Kim Yoak: Slides from Presentation


Implementing the Core: Principles to Actions
March 14, 2015
(material from winter meeting)

Lynn Aring: From Conjectures to Proofs

Lynn Aring: Standards and Illustrations

Brad Findell's Keynote: Where Are We Now?

Jill Madonia: Be Rational

Jill Madonia: Rational Resources

Annika Moore: Circle Fever Problem

Jerry Moreno: Making Sense of CC 7.SP.3

Annemarie Newhouse: Quick & Meaningful Task Slides

Annemarie Newhouse: Quick & Meaningful Task Resources

Peter Petto: Encouraging Computational Thinking

Peter Petto: Interactive Python Notebooks

Chardon Rankin: Fluency and Mathematical Practices

Kim Yoak: Sensemaking, Argument, and Structure


Winter GCCTM Technology Focus - January 26, 2015
(material from all sessions)

Grades 3-5 PARCC Sample Items

Grades 6-8 PARCC Sample Items

High School PARCC Sample Items

PARCC Type II and Type III Sample Tasks

Char Shryock's PowerPoint Slides

More Detail from Char Shryock's Tools & Technology Presentation

PARCC Field Tests - Lessons Learned

Using Technology for Assessment, Review, & Feedback


Fall GCCTM Kickoff - September 15, 2014
(material from breakout sessions)

Opening Session PARCC-ODE Update

Carole Katz 3-8 Breakout Session

Mary Beth Hearns High School Breakout Session


Spring Meeting and Award Banquet
May 6, 2014
(material from keynote speaket)

Daniel J. Brahier Principles to Actions: What's a Teacher to Do?


Differentiating for Diversified Learners
February 12, 2014
(material from winter meeting)

Mary Beth Hearns PARCC Update

Rachel Smethers-Winters 30 Differentiation Tools


Fall GCCTM Kickoff - September 19, 2013
(material from breakout sessions)

Carole Katz PARCC-ODE Update

Lynn Aring's Important PARCC Information

Grades 9-11 Evidence Statement Activity

Grades 6-8 Evidence Statement Activity

Char Shryock's PARCC-ODE Update

Char's Coherence Cards Activity (scroll down)

Fred Dillon & Alyssa Hoslar Middle School CCSSM

Karen LeScoezec & Kim Fularz K-2 Rich Math Tasks

Sara Good Rich Tasks: What Where Why How


Counting on the Core Workshop - March 16, 2013
(material from opening, breakout, & closing sessions)

PARCC Update 2

Lynn Aring - Algebra Conceptual Category
Algebra Handout Packet

Lynn Aring - Functions Conceptual Category
Functions Handout Packet

Dave Spohn - 4th Year Mathematical Practices
4th Year Math Handouts

Dave Spohn - Probability in the Common Core
Probability Handouts
Statistics & Probability Handout

Grade 3-5 Fractions

Linda Gojak's Power of a Good Mistake


Preparing for PARCC Workshop - November 10, 2012
(material from opening & breakout sessions)

PARCC Update

Grades 3-5 Tatami Mats Expanded

Grades 6-8 Materials

Grades 9-12 Packet


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