Deep Learning Series

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Do not miss out on this year’s Deep Learning Series! We are offering a K-8 and a 7-12 course reading and reflecting one of two books: The Impact of Identity in K-8and Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics. Both are described below. Each course will be held online with a face to face component to start the course. The initial meeting will be at the Cuyahoga County ESC January 17th at 4:30 p.m. with the remainder of the discussion occurring online, nearly all at times of your choosing, most convenient for you.If you’ve read the book already and want to dig deeper, or you have been wanting to read the book, then now is your chance to get in on the discussion. The K-8 discussion will be facilitated by Linda Gojak; the 7-12 discussion by Peter Petto. The final meeting will be March 14.

For much more information, click on the link below to see the flyer which includes descriptions of the books, information about graduate credit, and more.

Deep Learning Series Flyer

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